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The 18th Generation of the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlán celebrated its graduation ceremony with the presentation of the program “Inhabitants” this Wednesday, at the Ángela PeraltaTheater.

“Thy will be done”, “Night butterfly” and “Run-Run Romeo-Run” were the choreographies with which the choreographers Johnny Millán, Víctor Manuel Ruiz, Virginia García and Damián Muñoz were able to unfold the enormous physical, interpretative and emotional potential of this generation of students filled with talent.

In this function that paid homage to the late student, Juan José Gómez, the moments of euphoria, the boast of physical vigor, poetry and aesthetic purity, the effective use of technological resources, mischief, play and creative freedom shone equally.

At the end of the function, the 14 graduates received their diplomas as graduates and were recognized by their teachers, family and friends for four arduous years of dedication to the art world.

Maestros Claudia Lavista and Víctor Manuel Ruiz celebrated the students’ decision to choose the path of art and emphasized that the support and love of parents is fundamental to this academic victory.

For her part, Lic. Marsol Quiñonez Castro, Director of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán, spoke of a great reward that her position grants her: to be able to say with pride that this group of graduates belong to the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlán, a house of art that for more than 20 years has the backing of the City of Mazatlan, and a place that students should always consider as their home.