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The performing arts are celebrating in Mazatlán with the opening of “La Muestra local de teatro”, which will take place from April 25th to 30th at Casa Haas, where local companies will exhibit their best repertoires before the gaze of critics, students, teachers and the general public.

The play “Entre pavos y guajolotes”, starring Alfredo Vergara, marked the beginning of this performance festival, the artist making his audience spend moments of joy, anguish, and even tears in this tragicomedy that narrates the adventures of fishermen. before, during and after the trip at sea.

The El Capiro Teatro company was in charge of presenting this play written and directed by Ernesto Trejo, where Felícitos Cocinas Pavón, far from fishing, experiences his facet as a lecturer, before his audience he tries to explain issues related to trade and food, earning attention for arriving disguised as a peacock.

As the minutes go by, Felícitos tells how he started fishing, where he asked for favors to get to the boat “El Cielo”, how he witnessed a double murder in what was the beginning of his first trip, and there in the middle of the sea as he “suffered” being the lowest rank of the crew, receiving mistreatment, humiliation, sexual harassment, all in the midst of jokes, funny moments and more.

The most tense part of the night was the narration of that stormy night of September 14, 1995, where he was hit by the terrible hurricane “Ismael”, what he had to do to survive and not become just another statistic. When he made landfall he was taken to a shelter where, among screams, laments and heartbreaking cries, they recognized his relatives who lost their lives in that adventure, while some of the audience cried at the excellent acting work of Alfredo Vergara.

In the end, the protagonist received a strong ovation from the distinguished public, and in view of such recognition, the artist thanked the acceptance with words, and dedicated this special participation to his mother, his number one fan, but who has been on another plane for four months heavenly.

Éste artículo fue publicado en Educación Artística Prensa, Press. .

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