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By young people, for young people, this was the most recent edition of Diálogos de nuestra historia [dialogues of our history], where the poet from Mazatlan,Giovanni Carlo, presented his book “Puro Instinto” before more than 60 attendees, most of them adolescents gathered in the literary corridor in front of the Municipal Center of the Arts.

When presenting the collection of poems, Luis Gómezllanos, from Mazatlan, expressed that Giovanni Carlo’s work reflects the author’s feelings and there are lines of love, heartbreak, among other manifestations.

During his participation, the author pointed out that he dedicated a year to the elaboration of each of the poems of “Puro Instinto”, plus two previous years of literary preparation by attending different courses, workshops and more.

In the talk the protagonists talked about the creation of rhymes, poems. Gómezllanos revealed that the poet is also a rapper, and his forte is the modality of “freestyle”, a source of inspiration and a great ally at the time of writing.

Dialogues of our History is a space for feedback where members of the public took the opportunity to question some poems and ask for advice on getting involved in the arts. At the end they bought copies and took the author’s dedication.

On Wednesday, April 26th, the next edition of Diálogos de nuestra historia will be held, a scheduled program for Spring Season 2023, to promote literature and open spaces for expression to new writers from the port.

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