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During an open class in the Music Hall of the Municipal Center for the Arts, students from the Mazatlán Professional Dance School presented choreographies they created with the guidance of their teachers.

In the final stretch of the school year and with the purpose of improving their training, the future professional dancers developed a series of collective pieces created from the union of individual learning within the classroom.

Among the choreographies presented, the following stand out: “Presa”, starring students Nathali Aragón and Ángel Romero; Pulso interno”, performed by Lucía Morales and Renata Medellín; “Enséñame” by Ariana Lozano, Daniel Trujillo and Natalia Plata and “Ausente ”, interpreted by Valentina Martín and Andrés de los Ríos.

On stage, the young people showed strength and subtlety in each of the pieces, enriched with elements such as music, lighting and the reciting of poems that turned each choreography into a visual and sound delight.

The pieces presented were created and evaluated in the classroom by teachers Víctor Ruiz and Xitlali Piña, who worked throughout the school year to achieve the quality that characterizes the EPDM.

In the period that is about to end, the EPDM students co-created, learned to work with different ways of moving, expressing themselves and feeling to narrate stories through the body, movement, music and other resources of stage language.

The pieces presented in the open class are the result of a full semester in the ‘Creative Works’ class. In the first semester they see a lot of solos, a lot of exploration, they learn to invent language of movement with the body, by establishing a mechanism, they share it with another classmate and that mixture of languages produces a duet, explained maestro Víctor Ruiz.

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