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Winner of the Clemencia Isaura Poetry Prize 2022

Margarito Cuéllar, winner of the Clemencia Isaura Poetry Prize 2022, will present his book entitled “In the hotel of life we are all foreigners”, this Thursday, June 22 at 6 in the afternoon at Casa Haas.

Published by Laberinto Ediciones, the text explores, says the author, the return to his native land, where there are many questions and when we find some of his answers, perhaps the poem ends. “They are not definitive answers, but temporary ones.”

“The title ‘In the hotel of life we are all foreigners’ could be an aphoristic verse or an aphorism. That has to do with my approach to philosophy, to thought. It is also a question of maturity”, Margarito Cuéllar commented in an interview with the essayist Marcos Daniel Aguilar.

Margarito Cuéllar, recognizes the idea of the aphoristic in his collection of poems. “Apart from my writing, some previous titles and verses were already heading that way. It is a fundamental part of the formation of a writer, as has been my case”.

Fernando Alarriba and Luis Antonio Martínez Peña will be presenters and moderators at the book presentation.

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