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The sovereigns of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023 paraded gracefully during the 14th LGBT Pride March held on Saturday afternoon on theMazatlan Malecon.

Alejandra Tirado, Queen of the Carnaval Mazatlán; the King of Carnaval Víctor Quiroz; Prince Antonio Zazueta; Christian Loredo, Marqués Real and Edgar Navarro, Royal Duke, greeted the people gathered in front of the sea waiting to see the diverse march pass by, in which colorful flags abounded.

Aboard a float, the royal court toured the coastal promenade while greeting and receiving the affection of the public gathered on the Malecon waiting for the contingent that proudly took to the streets to join the march considered the largest in the northwest of the country.

The gay pride parade began at the height of the Glorieta Sánchez Taboada on Paseo Claussen and advanced to the north until it reached the Malecon and ended at the intersection with Av. Rafael Buelna.

The event convened by various organizations headed by Tulio Martínez, president of Sinaloa Diverso, was carried out with the support of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, which provided the platforms and floats, installed bathrooms, offered the facilities of Casa Haas for the realization of conferences and installed the stage and dressing rooms for the coronation of Mickey Cundapí as Queen of the 14th Gay Pride March and Sexual Diversity 2023.

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