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Surprising was the participation of the “Professor Genaro A. González” Banda Juvenil DBK, who to the rhythm of marches, cumbias and classics from Sinaloan Banda gave a great recital at the monument to the Family next to “Las Letras de Mazatlán”, giving those who visited the photographic site a nice feeling.

Originally from Caborca, Sonora, the ‘marching band’ arrived at the site walking in order, their placement drew attention among the attendees who took souvenir photos, to later be surprised with the repertoire provided by the 66 students led by maestro Jorge Morales and his partner Daniel Mojica.

To the rhythm of “Juana la cubana” they opened the emotions and made those present dance, to later continue with the “Cumbia Árabe”, after changing rhythm the students of the Don Bosco Secondary School and the Kino High School, interpreted “The hey song” and Lucky shops “Coco”.

To the cry of “…another!” the public interrupted the farewell message from maestro Jorge Morales and in response the musicians paid tribute to Sinaloan music by interpreting the classic song “El niño perdido”, to later receive an enthusiastic ovation before dozens of attendees.

This presentation in Mazatlán had a double purpose: to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Band and to travel
for relaxation as a reward and encouragement for the discipline and commitment to music by its members.

Maestro Jorge Morales thanked the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán for the attention given to the school band whose members had a rewarding experience during their presentation in the open sky and in front of the sea.

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