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Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan Gallery

05 de octubre del 2020

Charged with sensuality and eroticism with “Anatomy of love.”

30 de enero del 2020

“Balance” is born and becomes Mazatlan

25 de enero del 2020

The EPDM arrives at the Linear Park

04 de julio del 2019

CMA produces 34 professionals in different fields of the fine arts

30 de junio del 2019

The “Funk Paradise 2019” celebrates its finals

28 de junio del 2019

The eclectic program “Coordinates” arrives at the TAP

03 de junio del 2019

“Habitantes”: a dance celebration at TAP

22 de mayo del 2019

Festival of urban dances in Federal High School N. 4

21 de mayo del 2019

The Cultura in your Community program wins acceptance

17 de mayo del 2019

Surprising start of the 2019 Meeting of the Academies

06 de mayo del 2019

“Fraterno”, a dynamic dance piece that captivated lovers of this art

04 de mayo del 2019

Chaos and injustice is reflected in “God or His Absence”

04 de mayo del 2019

The Carpa workshops conclude with a great show

02 de mayo del 2019

“Wreck” a passage of beautiful darkness in TAP

02 de mayo del 2019

hey find in “Non-Catatonic Bodies” a method of high learning

29 de abril del 2019

Local artists celebrate International Day of Dance.

28 de abril del 2019

With dance and a clown, “La Carpa” arrives in the Port.

04 de abril del 2019

Cultura in your Community promotes values.

27 de marzo del 2019

“Culture in your Community” is discovering new talents.

30 de noviembre del 2018

“Angels of Sun and Moon”

26 de junio del 2014

Contemporary dance night

16 de junio del 2014

“Sleeping Beauty”, a jewel in the TAP