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Mazatlan Scene Festival

The port of Mazatlan has been a cradle and platform for artistic performances, whose tradition and scale have been consolidated from the past until today, developed through music, singing and dance, creating national and international benchmarks of very important value.

In view of making Mazatlán a cultural destination, it has been decided to open one horizon more, through one of the most beautiful forms of expression and reflection of the human being, the theater.

The International Theatre Festival, ESECENA MAZATLAN was created with the intention of opening up spaces for creation, reflection, dialogue, training, collaboration, criticism and fascination among artists and the community, creating bonds of communion between artists of different latitudes.

It seeks to create conditions conducive to promote activity, development and theatrical communication.

It promotes the taste for the theater and its various manifestations in the community, where you can hear an echo, in each and every one of the members of our society.

It interests us, to expose the community to an artistic experience of great quality and diversity, through national and international productions of wide spectrum.

To enrich the local, national and international groups through contact, exchange of experiences and techniques, to also encourage the emergence of a new and more numerous theatrical community in the port area, is the interest of the festival as well.

It is our intention to recover spaces for the community, not only geographical, but also leisure spaces and to occupy these spaces, schedules and transits through the city in a pleasant way, retrieving the meetings, talks and exchange of views between the public, promoting empathy and a better quality of life.

ESCENA MAZATLAN becomes a channel of communication between the port and the world. We believe in being capable of managing culture for all, in the service of diversity, of a shared and more tolerant world.