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Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2023 temporada-primavera-2024 Día de la música Carnaval Mazatlán 24


To the rhythm of jazz, The Sectionals infect with their melodies at TAP
‘Baile de la Corte’ wins the “Baroque Eclipse” dance troupe competition
With its architectural beauty, the Ángela Peralta Theater surprises hosts of Chisme No Like
Artwalk, El Camino del Arte, offers special Fridays for tourists and locals


Obligations of Transparency

The obliged subjects shall make available to the public and permanently update the information in the respective electronic means, in accordance with their faculties, attributions, functions or corporate purpose as appropriate, at least of the issues, documents and policies that are subsequently Signal

Transparency and Access to Public Information Law of the State of Sinaloa.