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Because the classical ballet dancer must be a person who meets a set of specific characteristics, both physical and personality, also taking into account that this professional level is a continuity of a specific program of studies, the candidate enter the Ballet Classical Professional Middle School must meet a profile with the following characteristics:

Have completed the secondary level.
Master the elementary level or its equivalent in the Ballet Classic career.
To have a suitable constitution for the dance.
Have physical conditions for the study of classical dance.
Have a high motivation for the art of dance.
That is able to work in group.
That has desires to develop abilities and physical skills.
That is goal oriented.
That likes the discipline by conviction.
That like the public recognition.
That is able to create artistic projects.

The best students of the workshops take an entrance exam and are selected to take this course, allowing them to obtain a degree as professional dancers. The first graduation was held in 2012.

Requirements to enter:

To be nine years old, thin build, to be coordinated, to have a good musical ear.

The deposits are made in the month of May.