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The ballet school is 25 years old and 20 years ago it received technical methodological advice from the Cuban ballet school, one of the most important in the world of dance. Its role has been decisive in the cultural and educational formation within the population of Mazatlán, since the school from its origins began to carry out a work to train future artists with a rigor and artistic and technical discipline standing out some of these students in international competitions , where the name of Mazatlan has remained high.

School trajectory:

The school since its inception is made up of the classic workshop where children start at 9 years of age up to the age of 15, in this workshop they receive ballet, cutting edge and repertoire classes, and make different presentations in public in order to make a cultural work in the city and create more educated and educated individuals

In spite of being a workshop, a study plan according to the Cuban school is applied and there is a rigor of exigency and work that has allowed that in 2009 the technical career in dance was opened for the first time.