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Literature Workshop and Cinematographic Appreciation Workshop



The origin of the literary workshop of Municipal Cultural Diffusion goes back to the year of 1990, coordinated by the writer Nino Gallegos and the teacher Humberto Trujillo Ocampo. From 1994, the writer Juan José Rodríguez coordinates it and it emerges as an opportunity to offer the city a space for the promotion and teaching of literary writing.


Throughout its operation, the workshop has promoted various people interested in creative writing. Some students have won recognitions such as Ana Luis Veloz Guerra (Floral Games of El Rosario) and Adriana Andrade, (National Award of Technical Baccalaureate Students). Beyond the awards or recognitions, the workshop is an opportunity to access knowledge of poetry and prose in an experiential and objective way.



The Cinematographer was created in I994 in the facilities of the School of Arts in order to offer a space for the diffusion of cinematographic art for the Mazatlan public. At the same time, the Cinematographic Appreciation course and the Cinematographic Script Workshop are created to offer the public new options for the acquisition of the theoretical and practical knowledge of film creation.


Over the course of twenty years, Cinematographic Appreciation courses have created more demanding audiences in terms of the demand for more quality films on the local billboard, reflected in the programming of special events such as French film weeks, documentary cycles, etc. ..

For its part, the Screenplay Workshop has served for its participants to put their knowledge into practice in the production of short films such as “Man looking at the landscape” (2000), by Marco Lugo and, “The genius and Little Red Riding Hood” ( 2010), collective creation of the students of the workshop and Julio Recinos and Marco Lugo.

Throughout these years, students like Alejandro Guzmán have graduated, who later studied filmmaking at the Cinematographic Training Center of Mexico City and graduated with the extraordinary short film “El otro José”, another graduate is Eduardo Esparza who already has a recognized career as a documentary maker, among others.