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School of plastic arts



It arises with the idea of ​​increasingly professionalizing plastic education. This race is one of the objectives of the vision of the artists and the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan.

This new career arose in response to the need for greater demand for educational spaces for art and the highly significant development of other artistic manifestations in Mazatlan, which have positioned themselves at a very important international level. Every time we have more foreign and national students in the CMA who know our prestige and cultural projection.

In fact, the academic program of the Plastic Arts Technician, is inspired by the multidisciplinary model of the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance of the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan EPDM, since its educational model guarantees success, continuity and above all an integral artist trained for the new demands of our times. This program is a pioneer in the visual education of our country.

The curriculum of the Plastic Arts Technician or TAP, lasts for 3 years, his shift is morning and in August 2013, he began his studies the first generation.



The Plastic Arts workshops started from the founding of what is now the CMA / Municipal Arts Center, before DIFOCUR, which in 1989, has enriched the artistic education through a school with initiation workshops in several areas such as Ballet Classical, Plastic Arts, Folkloric Ballet, Music, Contemporary Dance and Singing among others.

The Plastic Arts Area taught from the beginning: PAINTING, DRAWING and SCULPTURE, always offering workshops for children, youth and adults; now also serves foreign students and has the best teaching plant in the municipality of Mazatlan.