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This Saturday the Audiovisual Documentary Exhibition continued at Casa Haas, which was part of the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2021 program, with a series of activities such as talks and screening of short and feature films.

The last day began with a talk that had as a special guest Film Director Nila Guiss, who spoke on the topic “The Selected Vision” and delved into the touch of memory, where on many occasions events that mark life are kept in memory. and when you rescue tapes it becomes very emotional when visualizing the past.

The activities followed with the screening of short films from the series “Yolem Jammut” by Director Iris Villalpando, where its main objective is to spread the language and traditions of the Yoreme people. Subsequently, the feature film “Device” by Director Nila Guiss was screened, which talks about the memory and treatment of archives from the personal, to collective at institutional, regional, state and federal level of films in acetate, cellulose nitrate or polyester, a rescue of audiovisual heritage.

To conclude, the closing ceremony was held with the presence of Julio Recinos and Eduardo Esparza, both organizers of this exhibition, who thanked the Instituto de Cultura and the Proyecto Centro Histórico for their support, fundamental pillars for carrying out these activities in promotion of the Seventh Art.

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