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The University of Veracruz has decided to celebrate the 40 years of experience of maestro Enrique Patron De Rueda by inviting the prestigious concert director to lead two presentations of the opera “Tosca” in the main hall of the Cultural Center Tlaqná, in Xalapa, Veracruz.

The UV, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Mexico, proposed to Patron De Rueda to choose the repertoire for the concerts that will be held on Friday, March 13 at 8:30 p.m. and Saturday, 14 at 7 p.m., and Outstanding students of the Guillermo Sarabia Choir will participate, composed of select voices from those studying a Bachelor’s degree of the Superior School of Music at the Municipal Arts Center of Mazatlan.

“‘ Tosca ’is one of my favorite operas and one of the audience’s favorites. The University of Veracruz invited me to direct these two functions of one of the greatest works of Giacomo Puccini. I am very happy to be here and also to have soloists from Guillermo Sarabia Choir,” Patron De Rueda shared in a telephone interview.

The Mazatlecan also highlighted the important place that the port currently has in the national opera scene, something that has been possible thanks to his efforts and those of maestra Martha Felix, co-director of the Guillermo Sarabia Choir.

“We have several singers standing out nationally and internationally. This is a source of pride for the Municipal Arts Center of Mazatlan, that the workshop is talked about internationally. Just yesterday, the director of the San Diego opera, David Bennett, invited all the members of the Guillermo Sarabia Choir to do a concert next year, so I think we are doing pretty well. ”

The artist took the opportunity to reflect on his career, especially on his role as trainer of new voices.

“Life has given me so many opportunities to do what I love most, which is music and especially opera; So now what gives me the most satisfaction is being able to teach, to be able to guide young people in the art of music. I have nothing but to be thankful that life has given me that opportunity to face young people and help them. ”

Finally, Enrique Patron De Rueda highlighted the need to highlight locally the excellent artistic work that is done in Mazatlan and also to be proud of local talents.

“When we do a show, musical, vocal proposal, people need to know. I think that sometimes there is little diffusion because the media only cares about commercial things and neglects this, art, which is so important for the education of the individual, of families and of society. I am happy to be in Mazatlan and to be able to promote the arts. What I do I would like to do more and better, is to be able to take it everywhere; that the authorities take it to many places so that what is done in Mazatlan is seen ”.

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