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The Camerata Mazatlán had a superb and philanthropic performance on the night of this Thursday, March 13, when they starred in a concert to benefit the Mazatlán Orphanage, a venue that was full and the proceeds will be for a noble cause.

In the evening “Of Unconditional Love and other Stories”, the musicians of Maestro Héctor Javier Reyes Bonilla, provided a special night with songs inspired by love, passing through different times, countries, love stories father and son, of the taste for life, even in self-love, historical pieces that left great satisfaction among the hundreds of Mexican and foreign attendees.

Some of the pieces that were presented were Rossini’s Overture to Willliam Tell; Overture to Rossini’s The Thieving Magpie; Overture to Poet and Peasant by Suppé; Overture to Semiramide Rossini; and Huapango by Juan Pablo Moncayo, among other melodies.

With this type of action, the Camerata de Mazatlán demonstrates its great commitment to the municipality, not only artistically, but also in a way that is reflected in society.

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