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Pleasant moments lived by thousands of people who gathered at the del Recuerdo stage, where rock, pop and funk merged into a night of joyful partying during the celebration of Dia de la Musica 2023.

The long-awaited festival organized by the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, was set up on the public street in front of the Museo de Arte and from the first moment of this celebration that celebrated 20 years of tradition, locals, tourists and residents of other countries and of different ages enjoyed the music that never goes out of style like never before starring Los Cryps, Sarah Holcombe and Cuarteto Hermanos Osuna, Las Chelas Disco Live Show and Heidi Herrera.

It was Los Cryps who “ignited” the emotions with a vibrant repertoire made up of rock and roll, in English and Spanish.

Themes like California Sun, Surfing USA, Wipe Out, aroused emotions and people from their seats enjoyed Los Cryps at the great fiesta, remebering the legendary Apson when interpreting the ballads Café and Jovencito.

Spirits exploded and no one resisted dancing to songs like: Hey Jude, Can’t buy my love, She loves you, Johnny be good and Come on let’s go. The group closed strong with classics like Diablo con vestido azul, La plaga, Presumida, Rock en la prisión, and Bule bule, earning a standing ovation and recognition from the attendees.

The Osuna Brothers and the Mezzosoprano Sarah Holcombe continued the celebration with a repertoire of mostly boleros and cumbias that were to the public’s liking.

The Corrido de Mazatlán was the presentation for the fraternal quartet that at times accompanied Mazatlecan singer, and in others they delighted the public with songs like: Piel canela, Me gustas tú, and Sin ti, among many others dedicated to love.

Las Chelas Disco Live Show, a local group made up of seven girls, arrived with energy and took over the stage with their different style that captured attention by performing I Will Survive, Stayin Alive, That’s the Way and Girls just wanna have fun.

Taking over the stage, interaction and greetings were in order, and the show continued to promote dancing to iconic disco tracks such as Dancing Queen, Can’t Take My Eyes off You, Designer Music, Last Train, Maniac and said they goodbye with Disco Inferno, but the cry of another, another! he made them come back to play ‘Sonidisco’, a theme based on the song El Sonidito, but accompanied by their musical genius.

With the public’s spirits high, Heidi Herrera continued the party with her show “What women sing”, making a quick connection with the women who did not stop dancing and chanting songs that reach the mind and heart.

Pieces like El sol no regresa, Con los ojos cerrados, La maldita primavera, un popurrí de Juan Gabriel, Ya te olvide, and some danceable songs among them: Como la flor, Amor de mis amores, Oye, A quién le importa, La chica yeye and even Clara mente, made the del Recuerdos stage that the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán installed to celebrate the XIX edition of Dia de la Musica vibrate.

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