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Antonio López Sáenz


Antonio López Sáenz was born in 1936 in the port of Mazatlán; painter and sculptor who has captured the flavor of our land in canvas, clay and bronze.

His land is the greatest source of inspiration and is embodied in each stroke of his work.

In the hands of López Saénz the dyes take the form of women, men, boats, sea and are full of life, band music, baseball and carnival.

López Sáenz’s paintings are postcards, full of memory and longing; He himself has said that he paints with what he has seen since he was a child: the landscapes, the prints of his mother’s dresses and his aunts who used to meet in the evenings to talk sitting in armchairs.

The characters in his work have no face, so Lopez Saenz has decided: leave anonymity to those who live inside the canvases, knowing only the true actors of each work.

His childhood was spent on the beach where he played with his friends and it was there where he first channeled his talent: on the sand. He took a stick and began to draw the silhouette of a man.

He was in elementary school when he realized that his fate was in the plastic expression, family situations began to work in the cargo docks and was until age 17 when he traveled to Mexico City to study painting at the Academy of San Carlos; There he studied the Masters in Plastic Arts and History of Art.

Almost 50 years have passed since that young man left full of illusions to study in Mexico City; Today his career has consolidated and has exhibited his work in Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, Federal District, Jalisco and Morelos and outside the country in Washington, Detroit, Miami, Tampa, San Francisco, San Antonio, Chicago, Madrid, Lisbon, Zurich and Paris.

Don Antonio López Saénz is a graphic chronicler of the city of Mazatlán, his work immortalizes the spirit of Mazatlán from his childhood; Through their eyes, their hands and their talent we are witnesses of a land that has been generous, full of light and joy.

His work was an image of the Caribbean Series Mazatlán 2005 and the Carnival of Mazatlán 2005; the sculpture “This is how the millenium took us”, popularly known as “Monument to the family” is already a fundamental part of the port’s appearance and a sculpture that will permanently celebrate the triumph of the Mazatlan Deer in the Caribbean Series is in process of this year.