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For the past five years, maestro Agustín Martínez has been working closely with some of the most talented urban dancers in the Port to investigate and understand the techniques, resources, worldviews and searches behind this style.

Every Saturday, the Municipal Arts Center of Mazatlan becomes a laboratory for the methodologies of maestro Martínez to dialogue with the instinct and nature of the street and, with the new administration of Mazatlan, all this has reached new audiences.

In this way, the students of the Federal Secondary School N.1 Guillermo Prieto joined the group of institutions that the dancers of Dance INC. and of H. Studio Hip-Hop Center have taken by surprise to demonstrate the wide variety of ways that art can celebrate life in an event organized by the Mazatlan Instituto de Cultura and the Mazatlán DIF System.

Young people between 15 and 25 years old presented choreography, pirouettes and impossible contortions to win over an audience that went from apathy to fascination once they could recognize the courage, vitality and passion of these young artists who, from the hand of their teachers, demonstrate that the arts are an invaluable vehicle to nourish life.

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