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Strengthening the quality and training of the teachers of the Municipal Arts Center, experienced teacher Patricia Cardona offered a large conference for some of the professors who lead the different workshops, technical careers and degrees of the different artistic expressions.

Patricia Cardona studied Philosophy at the University of Costa Rica. In Germany, Denmark, Italy and France she specialized in the International School of Theater Anthropology, in Mexico she studied the dramaturgy of the actor. She is the author of books such as “Dance in Mexico in the 70s”, “Silver horse”, “The new face of the Mexican dancer”, and “The perception of the viewer”, among others, which have revealed extensive knowledge that the arts.

Addressing topics such as the politics of teaching and the lost language of art, the exponent shared different teaching methods focused on turning the student into a generator of knowledge and not into a model reproducer.

The conference was held in the Cinema room of the CMA, for more than an hour.

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