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With a total of 20 pieces created mainly with recycled material, fine artist from Mazatlan Rodrigo Miguel Martínez Betancourt will exhibit his collection called “Alas de libertad” from June 15 to July 18 at Galería Rubio.

The inauguration of the collection will be at 7:00 p.m. in the building of the Municipal Arts Center, located in the heart of the culture of Mazatlan in Calle Carnaval S / N in Colonia Centro.

The artist from Mazatlan stressed that this will be his first exhibition where he will put the pieces that the public wants to acquire up for sale, the price will be set at the exhibition, where he expects to receive a fair payment, since he dedicates one month to each of his creations for its completion.

For this occasion the artist created several pieces that are dedicated to love, nature, life, human being, while in others there will be some events that have occurred within Mexico and he hopes that the visitor can make a reflection to prevent tragedies of different kinds from happening.

This show will be the second occasion where the artist shows the locals and visitors the natural talent he has, since most of his works are the work of hours of effort without artistic training, a situation that will change in his next installments since He recently entered the career in Fine Arts offered by the Municipal Arts Center, to improve his creations.

Martínez Betancourt indicated that one of his dreams is to make sculptures carved in stone, marble and wood, just as these can be exhibited in different museums and galleries around the world.

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