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Dia de la musica has become a great tradition in Mazatlan. This year the celebration will bring more than 200 musicians of genres as varied as jazz, rock, banda, classic, and cumbia, among others, that will make this event a unique fiesta.

It will be on Friday, June 07, and Saturday, June 8, that the streets of Cento Historico will host the best of this beautiful art and both locals and tourists will dance, sing and enjoy it.

From 7:00 p.m., on Fiday, at Plazuela Machado, The 2034 Group will be presented, followed bythe Angela Peralta Choir, Giovanny Figueroa (trio), and the False Cuban Orchestra.

While for Saturday June 8, four stages will be installed, located in Plazuela Machado, at the Venadito, the Museum of Art and Olas Altas (at the corner of Constitution Avenue), where groups like: Sound San Francisco, Ugo Rodríguez, Osuna Quartet, The Truth, Rebeca de Rueda, Mr. Ficus, Mr. Blaky, Los Pardos, Sinaloense Band, One Play, Camerata Mazatlan, Mambito Band, among others, will perform, making up a great repertoire.

The appointment for Saturday will be from 7:30 pm, the last day of this spectacular festival that commemorates the International Day of Music, an organization of the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan, the City of Mazatlan and Project Centro Historico. It is worth mentioning that all events are free, for all types of public.

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