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Seventeen students of the School of Music of the Municipal Center of the Arts made their end of classes presentation, of the Workshop and the Technical Career in the specialty of percussion.

Children and young people showed their talent and what they have learned in the classrooms of the prestigious Institution.

The audience, mostly family members of the students, were surprised by the great advancement they have acquired and the quality with which they developed before the different percussion instruments that they made their own in each musical note.

Professor Ernesto Duchesne Valdes, head of this specialty, said he was grateful to the Instituto de Cultura, for all the support given to teachers and students making a great effort to place the School of Music and Singing among the most prestigious.

He also recognized maestro Manuel Rocha, creator and founder of the School of Music.

The students performed a popular symphonic repertoire that ended in a great ovation from the spectators.

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