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With the highest honors and with the recognition of the public, the night of end of classes, four students graduated from the Technical level of Ballet after two years of intense learning inside the Municipal School of Classical Ballet that is offered by the Municipal Center of the Arts.

The young Edyan Zataraín, Andrea Zataraín, Sandra Franco and Gabriela Acosta, became the sixth generation of students that conclude the professional technical level, a training that allows them to enter any dance company in Mexico or abroad, or continue academically in some degree in the arts or another field.

There were 15 students who were part of the sixth generation, that since at the technical level have accompanied by nine Dancers of the Elemental Level, being the laureates Joana Martinez, Valeria Lizárraga, Valeria Álvarez, Ana María Guzmán, Anna Rodríguez, Judy Jolibois, Natalia González, Sissel Almazán and Valeria Michelle Rosas.

On the night of graduation Juan Manuel Flores Vázquez, Director of the CMA, congratulated the graduates. He saw in them, students with discipline, courage and dedication, and a fundamental part in this achievement were the teachers who were training them and the parents, both key pillars.

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