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The great prestige and quality of the Escena Mazatlan Theater Festival was revealed with the majestic presentation of the play “El Padre” on the second day of activities of this Festival.

The staging of August Strindberg, directed by Raúl Quintanilla, narrates the problems that involve a family, the pain, the differences of a father and a mother and their struggles for the control of their children.

A fascinating text, adventure for reason, pleasure for imagination and certainty for reality, all this and more, brought together this great adaptation.

The talent and perfection of the actors of the National Theater Company was exceptional, each dialogue, each expression, each movement, reflected the story in a rise and fall of emotions, laughter, crying, uncertainty and varied feelings were felt by the spectators, who in the end with a standing ovation returned the dedication and passion of each artist.

The Escena Mazatlan Stage Festival 2019 will continue its activities on Thursday, the 26th, with the play “Algo de un tal Shakespeare”at the Angela Peralta Theater, at 8:00 pm, tickets are still available for sale at the Theater box office.

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