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Passion, delivery and professionalism were embodied by the artists of the Delfos company who presented the show “Eco… Sistemas”, within the Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2019 organized by the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte.

Six dancers took over the imposing stage of the Angela Peralta Theater, mixing sensuality, perfection, technique and style to make the spectacle pleasing to the attendees, who recognized the effort and delivery in a great ovation.

The program was integrated by three choreographies; “Y ahora retrocede por favor”, “Satén” and “Geografía del cuerpo”, of the creators; Daniel Marín, Jonnhy Millán and Xitlali Piña.

The results of this great show was the creation of three “Eco… systems” that shared the ability of the human being to create and build fascinating universes, in addition to the deep learning of working from diverse habitats and perspectives.

With more than an hour of dance art, the dancers Surasí Lavalle, Jonnhy Millán, Karla Núñez, Daniel Marín, Renato González, Jhonatan Alavés and Diego Alcalá, made the evening a great evening. The Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2019 will continue its billboard with the concert “La Tercera es la Vencida”, this Wednesday, October 2, at TAP, at 8:00 p.m., tickets are still available.

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