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With more than seven years forming great artists, the CMA School of Fine Arts continues its noble work of promoting, preparing, involving and teaching young talents who love fine arts.

Fine Arts offers a technical degree, with validation from the Ministry of Public Education, as a comprehensive study and professionalization option in this branch. Currently, the school continues to attract students, with the extension of receiving applications for new admission.

The extension date will be until August 24, for those over15 years of age with secondary school completed, the reception process must be carried out through the email audiciones@culturamazatlan.com where they can request more information.

The Fine Arts educational coordinator, Mónica Rice, called on young art lovers to become part of this institution that professionally prepares all students.

“The Technical Career in Fine Arts has a very complete study plan, in which all the bases are developed in depth, with subjects and knowledge in Art History, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, with tools to reinforce this, such as Photography, Collage, Assembly, Graphic Design and Chinese Ink ”.

Mónica Rice highlighted that the teaching staff is made up of professionals in the subjects, who, in addition to sharing their knowledge, direct the students with personalized attention to the development of their creativity and the improvement of all techniques.

In addition to this, students have the opportunity to get involved in all the cultural activities that take place in Mazatlán, through exhibitions, demonstrations, contests, galleries, with the intention of showing their talent, gaining and sharing experience, as well as get involved with the artistic community, and looking for a future job opening.

The requirements are: application for admission; 2 child-size photographs, black and white, matte paper; copy of birth certificate; copy of CURP; copy of proof of address; and copy of high school certificate.

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