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In the twilight of Spring Season 2023, the concert “Scheherazade…music for a thousand nights” was presented at the Ángela Peralta Theater, transporting the public on a magic carpet to those distant places where a princess wrapped in tulle and turbans managed to save her life with her moving stories.

‘Scheherazade’ by Nikolai Rimsky – Korsakov (1844 -1908), who composed this dazzlingly orchestrated work after reading The Thousand and One Nights, was masterfully performed by the Mazatlán Camerata and guest musicians under the experienced baton of the young Mazatlan director Sergio Freeman Osuna.

The orchestra performed the four movements created by the Russian composer: “Simba’s Sea and Boat”, “The Story of Prince Kalendar”, “The Young Prince and the Young Princess” and “Festival in Baghdad, the Sea and the Boat ”.

The concert began with the Overture ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847), a piece full of fantasy to continue with ‘Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia’ by Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978).

Spectators of all ages filled the room during the long-awaited musical evening attended by a group of volunteer ophthalmologists from Vosh Northwest, an altruistic group that supported the vulnerable population of Mazatlan with prescription glasses; They were accompanied by the Director of the municipal DIF, Armida Hernández Lara.

From the entrance to the theater one could feel the pleasure of opening the first page of a storybook, the subtle, dreamy setting, to enter the room and be part of a story, the story of the two who dreamed.

The concert was to be recorded in memory, excellent quality instrumentalists and the romantic and aesthetic dancers Pamela Aguirre Talavera and Gean Lee Panchi Balseca under the choreographic direction of maestra Zoila Fernández.

A night where a queen moved us to different emotions to prevent us from leaving this life without having had the satisfaction of having heard her violin play, talk, live.

At the end of the concert, we rescued the first emotions of some of the main protagonists, the emotions of “Scheherazade”…Music for a thousand nights.

Maestro Sergio Freeman, a masterpiece, an impeccable direction and a double taste for a camerata with a splendid capacity for these pieces.

That’s right, definitely, this concert was very special, but it also proves what’s in Mazatlán, so important that the public support it, that the government supports it, wow, it’s everyone’s culture.

The Camerata Mazatlán is of a high level and only music professionals can reach this level.

How does the public applause stimulate them?

“That proves not only that music is played well, but that it is played with soul and with something that has no words, so the public receives it in a special way.

Maestro Max Carreón, a piece in which the percussions carry the factor of emotion, of the surprising.

That’s right, it’s by the standards of symphonic percussion, a classic of the Russians and the great masters, imagine the power of Siberia, of the colds, of the tenors, of the basses, so yes, also remembering Tchaikovsky.
The orchestra showed off and the public also appreciated it.
I am satisfied with the percussion section, we are doing a great job and above all with the great talent of the boys (smiles pleasantly).

Maestra Nina Farvarshchuk (solo violin) with a very high interpretative capacity.

Yes, that is a very dramatic end to the stories of “Scheherazade”, and for violin I would say that this is the moment that a violinist can express and demonstrate her technical and sound capabilities.
Everything can be demonstrated with the IV movement! (violin solo).

In addition, a camerata with the interpretation of a masterpiece and the satisfaction of those applause…

I would say that for me today is a very special day, because for a violinist to play solos of “Scheherazade” is to feel that it was worth studying for that, it is one of the epic pieces that a great violinist has to accomplish in her life and today This day came, I fulfilled my dream, to play “Scheherazade” because it is a very beautiful work, I had no chance to do it before, but today I fulfilled it, I would say that my violin career has now been completed, even more today.

Today, when that dream came true, you did it in a new way, you… In the audience!

Yes, I did it differently because normally the concertmaster (principal first violin of an orchestra) plays solos from the chair, and the truth is I enjoyed it more, because in this case it felt… Like more! Not just like a piece of music, it felt like a piece of art… An Arabian tale!

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