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Loquacious, playful and a master in the art of double meaning, Mexican soprano and actress Regina Orozco, invited by the ISIC, performed on Friday night at the Ángela Peralta Theater.


Accompanied by the Pacific Traditional Ensemble of the Sinaloa Symphony Orchestra of the Arts and the voice of maestro Ricardo Rodríguez, the performer gave the public a show full of good humor and mischief through the program “Of love and other hells.”


For almost two hours of the first event of the Festival Cultural Sinaloa in Mazatlán, the soprano used her extroverted personality to captivate the audience with her stage versatility and vocal qualities.


For his presentation in Mazatlán she opted for compositions that border on the absurd, boleros, vernacular songs and cumbias, a repertoire celebrated by the public who joined the choir, applauded and even danced to the rhythm of El ladrón” y “La pollera colorá”..


During her performance Regina Orozco and Ricardo Rodríguez performed alone and in duet: “Cartas a Eufemia”, “La puerca”, “Bartola” de Chava Flores”, “Vámonos” de José Alfredo Jiménez; “Tres consejos” popularized in the voices of Pedro Infante and Rosita Quintana, “Te pareces tanto a mi” and “Fue en un cabaret”among others.


At the end, Regina Orozco was grateful for the reception from the Mazatlecan public and in reciprocity the spectators gave her loud applause and exclaimed bravos! for her and the rest of the cast.


The inauguration of the FCM in Mazatlán


Minutes before Regina Orozco’s appearance on stage, the official opening of the FCS in Mazatlán took place by Juan Avilés, General Director of the Sinaloense Institute of Cultura, who thanked the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán for all the facilities granted to carry out the activities of the Festival Cultural Sinaloa in this municipality.


Accompanied by the ISIC Delegate in the southern zone, Miguel Ángel Ramírez Jardines and by the General Director of CULTURA, Raúl Rico González, the state official highlighted that Mazatlán is an important venue for the FCS billboard, just like it was 36 years ago.


“This festival addresses in its programming several commitments that the Governor (of Sinaloa) Rubén Rocha Moya made in his campaign and that are marked in the State Development Plan, …..There will be a total of around 300 activities (in the 18 municipalities of the state),” he said.


The head of ISIC expressed that this year the festival is dedicated to the memory and work of the illustrious Sinaloan Antonio López Sáenz, perhaps one of the artists who, through painting and sculpture, projected to the international level the good things of Sinaloa and especially the port and its daily life in Mazatlán.


He emphasized that unlike in the past, the FCS is staffed by artists, creators and residents of Sinaloa when previously 70% came from other states and today after three and a half decades that proportion was reversed and that represents that artistic activity in the entity has reached an impressive level of quality and maturity.

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