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In the midst of a great December atmosphere, girls and boys from the Municipal Arts Center lived their joyful posada and with it said goodbye to 2023.

Between fun board games and recreational activities such as breaking the piñatas, enjoying the cake, drinks and sweets, more than 60 children who are part of the Children’s Theater Workshop and the Children’s Plastic Arts Workshop enjoyed the party as Christmas approached.

This event was chaired by the Educational Director of the CMA, Liliana Aréchiga Pérez.

“Fortunately I saw the children very integrated, from breaking the piñata, they were doing activities with their teachers in the Plastic Arts area and in the Theater area, the children played, then they came to the playground to break the piñata, everyone very integrated” said the teacher.

With this Christmas posada, teachers and students conclude this year’s student activities, and it will not be until the second week of January when they return to classes to continue their artistic training.

Liliana Aréchiga wished happy holidays to the CMA student community, and by 2024 she hopes to continue meeting the expectations of parents and students with activities that contribute to their comprehensive training in the academic and personal sphere.

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