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Maestro Juan Carlos Chavarría Reyes and maestro Martin Quintero conducted the Youth Orchestra and the Children’s Orchestra of the Municipal Arts Center of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán in the Christmas Concert 2023.

Before five in the afternoon under the Plazuela Machado kiosk more than a hundred people were already taking their places around the chairs, pedestals, lecterns, microphones, speakers and instruments installed for the concert, their excitement was evident.

The first to come out were the children who make up the CMA Children’s Orchestra, with black uniforms that festively contrasted with the classic Santa Claus hats, all of them disciplined, formal and very professional. Maestro Martin Quintero gave the first instructions with his baton so that the little giants could begin to perform songs such as “Bells of Bethlehem”, “Feliz Navidad” and “Carol of the Bells” (version for orchestra), a song that became popular with the film My Poor Angelito and in which they showed a respectable level. The audience made up of tourists and locals applauded them very proudly.
Maestro Martin Quintero highlighted that more than one child has attended the concerts at the Ángela Peralta Theater and that they are part of the CMA Children’s Orchestra. It is very important for them to complete their stages, and then in the future it is not ruled out that re is the possibility of them being part of the Youth Orchestra or the Camerata Mazatlán. That is the objective, that they gradually advance in the world of music.

He expressed that suddenly during rehearsals he felt that they were playing a little listless and he told them: “Guys, it’s Christmas music!”

I tried to make them understand that this music is pure heart, and just before entering the stage, I told them: “Enjoy it, because it is something very important to play Christmas music, and then they go to their celebrations, this music nourishes their hearts, I see that they enjoyed interpreting it, added Maestro Quintero.

In this concert it is very motivating for the girls and boys to see a Youth Orchestra, it is a way for them to visualize themselves, that they can be there too, he commented.

Maestro Martin Quintero highlighted that they are in talks to have a joint concert, so that little by little they can integrate with older musicians.
Members of the CMA Children’s Orchestra:
On Violins I: Dafne S. Barrón Osuna, Sara Osuna Bernal.
On Violins II: Luciana Mercado Montes, Sofía Tirado Garay, Diego Valdez Vázquez and Valeria Camila Beltrán.
On the Trumpet: Alfredo Herrejón Guzmán.
Piano: Dafne Mayte Alvarado Mendoza.
On the Flute: Gloria I. Gutiérrez Sánchez.

The Youth Orchestra directed by maestro Juan Carlos Chavarría Reyes brought joy and provided a repertoire that was melody after melody most applauded, his direction brought confidence and enthusiasm to the students who were also accompanied musically by their teachers.

Each section offered a series of improvisations that the public recognized with loud applause, the boys and girls danced the rhythms with swing styles, the public was surprised to hear among them the sound of the drum that made its way among the large attendance gathered in the Plazuela Machado where the melody: “El Niño del Tambor” was heard in a tender silence.

“White Christmas”, “Joy to the World”, “Sleigh Ride” were the preamble to performing “Feliz Navidad” pieces in which the young people flew very high at an interpretive level, it was visible and motivating to see and hear the level that each one has mastered on their instrument.

Before leaving for his rehearsal for the Christmas Gala, maestro Juan Carlos Chavarría said goodbye and took photographs with each of his students. The fraternity between them is very special. The teacher left walking through Plazuela Machado to his rehearsal… Accompanied by success.

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