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“La Fragata,” the debut book of writer, screenwriter and film director, Aramis Franco, was presented at Diálogos de nuestra Historia, where the author was accompanied by a mostly young audience gathered in Plazuela Machado, a few steps from the portico of the Ángela Peralta Theater.

After an enthusiastic presentation by Alonso Guerra, Literature Coordinator of the Municipal Arts Center of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán, the author shared the experiences that led him to conclude this literary piece published in 2023 by the publishing house of the Sinaloan Instituto de Cultura, ISIC.

Satisfied and happy with the publication of his first novel, Aramis Franco commented that in his childhood during a “Naval Combat” he questioned his father Ruy Alfonso Franco about the presence of a ship throwing ‘cuetes’ in the bay, and the answer surprised him because of the story itself. Faced with the loss of his father, he returned to have questions, documented the event, and wrote this novel.

“What I do is take that childhood impression that I had, and try to make it understood by other people, since the Naval Combat, the confrontation against the French, the frigate, is very well known, but very few know what lies beyond that history, and what interests me with the novel is not to narrate the combat itself, but the people who experienced it, the people, and how they fought in a period that could be aggressive,” he exclaimed.

For Alonso Guerra, the publication of “La Fragata” is important because its narrative addresses the arrival of “La Cordeliere” and its attempt to invade Mazatlán, exposing what had happened before, during and after the famous battle of March 31, 1864, when there was a Mexico in struggle, and tells how the Mazatlecans behaved in these historical events.

Before concluding the literary afternoon, the public congratulated the author of La Fragata and professor at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, and questioned him about the creative process of the book and about these important historical facts.

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