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Throughout its history, the Gordon Campbell Season has given unique moments, where musicians from Mexico and abroad give memorable performances, as happened on Sunday, January 14 at Casa Haas where the group Ars Sonui had maestro Gordon Campbell as a guest during an exquisite classical music concert.

At the end, the audience stood up to praise Campbell and recognize the dedication of each artist, then the corn player Juan Manuel Hernández Jiménez thanked the musical contribution he received from maestro Gordon, a fundamental figure in his academic training and professional growth on stage.

“My story with the maestro begins 40 years ago, it is important to know the altruistic work that he (Gordon Campbell) has done over many years in Mexico, because apart from me there are other students from the Sierra de Oaxaca and others places to whom he has not charged, when I arrived with him I was already playing the horn, but I did not love it as much until he taught me,” said the musician.
The second concert of the Gordon Campbell Season was made up of pieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven, in the first half the Sextet in E flat op. 81b for quarter strings and two horns, with violinists Magdalena Hernández Jiménez, David Israel de Luna López, David Cruz on viola; Gonzalo Pérez Sánchez was on the cello, and Juan Hernández and Campbell were on the horns.
Before going to intermission the musicians received loud applause.

For the second half of the concert, the clarinetist Francisco Pascual Aquino and the bassoonist Víctor Mendoza Núñez joined in, performing the Septet in E major “Aus Meinem Leben” authored by M Weber made up of melodies such as “On the banks of Modavia, dreams of youth”, “Student life, ideals of life”, among others.

This presentation was special for Gordon Cambpell who has an extensive career as an orchestra conductor in Mexico, founder of orchestras, and music teacher, since some of the members of Ars Sonui were his students several years ago.

“Twenty-five years ago they were my students in Tampico, and all these years later it is a nationally recognized group and for me it is an honor that they were here and that they invited me, it is something special since a teacher always wants the student to excel, and I believe “That stage of brilliant students is now arriving,” concluded Gordon Campbell.

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