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-‘Bufones y Marionetas’, and ‘Resplandor Barroco’, obtain second and third place in the contest of the Gran Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, February 19, 2024.- After overflowing passion and joy in the great Parades of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco”, the jury of the Comparsas [dance troupe] Contest announced its verdict, and decided to award ‘Baile de la Corte’ the highest score, with which choreographer Cali Ferrer achieved his first victory after 13 years of seeking this distinction.

The winning troupe obtained 80 thousand pesos as a prize by receiving 237 points, the highest score, above the 224 points that gave second place to ‘Bufones y Marionetas’, by Latin Jazz Studio, awarded 60 thousand pesos and third place went to ‘Resplandor Barroco’, from Academia de Baile Chanel with 210 units that made them the winner of a monetary prize of 40 thousand pesos. In total 10 groups participated.

The results of the Carnaval troupe competition were announced this Monday at Casa Haas. Alma Barajas, coordinator of the Carnaval Parades, and part of the jury made up of Georgina Martínez, José Rafael Garzón Fitch, Jesús Manuel López Cruz and Fabricio Valdez, coordinator of troupes, were in the presidium.

Cali Ferrer Garzón, manager of Escenico Ferrer and winner of the Comparsas Contest, said he felt very satisfied with the work done as a team and expressed his satisfaction for having achieved his first victory after 13 thirteen years of participating in the parades of the greatest port festival.

“We have been training since November, kids from academies and other places arrive. I make the costumes, my teachers are Moisés Osuna, William Macias, and I direct them, I have 13 years (participating), and I call this perseverance. It was with a lot of passion and a lot of dedication, there were 48 participants. It is a feeling that is a mixture of happiness, dedication, and sacrifice,” the teacher exclaimed.

“They are all winners, a huge thank you from my heart. In truth, I, who went along the entire journey, saw how they were sweating and giving everything, and they reflected the work of their team and the entire Cultura team,” declared Alma Barajas.

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