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She will be honored for her 50 years as Queen of the Floral Games

María Celia Chío Cortez will be honored for turning 50 as Queen of the Floral Games of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán.

Elected Queen of the Floral Games in 1974, Celia Chío travels to the past and remembers how the international Crotalista and Prima Ballerina Sonia Amelio, danced at her coronation. 50 years later, María Celia is a confident, happy and fulfilled woman, who generously accepts sharing photographs of that memorable coronation and shares the memories that for her are a refuge in her life.
What has being Queen of the Floral Games brought to her life?
– Experiences, memories, you can also say self-esteem. I couldn’t list so many things!
If you had the opportunity to experience everything you went through to be a Queen again, would you do it again?
– Definitely! If I went back in time I would gladly remember the magical moments I had.
To this day, do you regret not having done something or do you regret something you did in your life?
– I am very happy with my life and if I were born again I would do the same things I have done. I don’t regret anything!
Tell me the best anecdote about a Queen as special as you.
– We always have something to tell when we are in a queen contest, unforeseen events arise with the dresses, the timing, the misunderstandings, there were those types of situations.
What are memories for you?
Memories for me are positive, they are what maintain my stability, I take refuge in them because they have a close relationship with my emotions.

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