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The Bolsheviks have already decided, and it will be the detestable “Cell Phone Collection” who they will take to the bonfire in the traditional Burning of Bad Humor, an event that no one can miss this Saturday, February 10th. February at 9:00 p.m. in Olas Altas.

Led on this occasion by Gio King, the greatest Bolshevik, the proclamation was made in the media, municipal markets, and other public places, stages where the sound of the Sinaloan band Brissa Mazatlán was mixed with complaints.

Verses such as “These are nightmare times, a time of cats and dogs, that leave you on the shore, because you run out of data”, “The telephone companies charge you to breathe, in their marathon lines you cannot make a claim”, among others. Phrases were heard to show the rejection of the people who shouted out to the bonfire! To the bonfire!

The band resounded in stalls and hallways, so everyone ended up dancing happily.

The Bolshevik committee invites society to go with them to burn the detestable, without haste and calmly the march starts before lighting the flame, that is why everyone starts walking at about 7:00 p.m.

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