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Preparations are progressing in time and form to carry out the coronations of the King and Queens of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024, which with the motto: “Baroque Eclipse” begins this Thursday the 8th and ends on Tuesday February 13th.

The Director of Planning of Cultura Mazatlán, Enrique Vega Ayala, reported that adjustments are being made around the stage and the arrangement of chairs to facilitate public access.

He highlighted that Cultura staff takes special care in installing bathrooms and fences to facilitate public access and avoid problems inside the baseball facility.

During the coronations, in addition to the security personnel hired by the Instituto de Cultura, elements of Civil Protection, Public Security, and relief bodies such as firefighters and ambulances will participate.

The intention is for there to be good coordination between the different authorities to ensure that there is adequate lighting in and around the stadium and that all service elements are present for any emergency situation.

The municipal official called on the public to arrive early to the coronations and avoid crowds and to try to respect as much as possible the location of people in the places they acquired.

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