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Winning project of the PECDAS 2022 scholarship


‘Aves de Lápiz’birds in penil by Estrella Navarro Tristán is a project that, in addition to disseminating the great variety of endemic birds that exist in Sinaloa and Mexico, uses the path of art to sensitize the population about the importance of observing, respecting and protecting nature.

The project awarded a scholarship by the Sinaloa 2022 Program to Stimulate Artistic Creation and Development, is made up of pencil drawings inspired by the image, movements and behavior of birds.

The 16 works that make up the final project of the scholarship were created during the current school year and with them an exhibition was set up in the Fine Arts Workshop of the Municipal Center for the Arts, where Estrella Navarro studies to improve her artistic skills, with the purpose of supporting her with the PECDAS scholarship to perfect her pencil drawing technique.

Excited by her development in the world of fine arts, the student of maestro Miguel Flores expressed that ‘Aves de Lápiz’ is a project inspired by the observation and research of birds.

“The exhibition shows birds from the state of Sinaloa and birds from the rest of Mexico. I was interested in the different aspects that birds can have, the different characteristics that serve them for their survival, for example, some birds have a longer and finer beak for flowers like hummingbirds, some have a thicker one to crush crustaceans that they find”.

“I started with the project because here in my workshop when I began to draw the first bird I drew with technique, it was a small bird, it was one of my first drawings, that’s why I chose the bird thing. I brought more love to the project when I observed the birds in their natural environment”, she affirms.

As part of the scholarship, a special adviser checked the progress of the project and guided and advised Estrella to observe the behavior of the birds and capture it in the pictures drawn in pencil.

“(An advisor) helped me more in seeing the behavior of the birds and putting my personality or what I felt, not just drawing the bird standing on a twig and posing, he guided me to put them in mid-flight, that they had other actions”.

Estrella Navarro commented that the PECDAS scholarship gave her a greater sense of discipline and responsibility, made her mature in drawing technique and provided her with material to carry out this type of project.

“I want to develop myself in brushwork, so with this scholarship support I can get that material without having to wait, without having difficulties to obtain it,” she commented.

Éste artículo fue publicado en Artistic Education Press, Press, Spring Season Press. .

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