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Students of the Technical Career in Theater Art and the Theater Workshop taught at the Municipal Center of Arts of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán received an ovation at Casa Haas when participating in a open class of the subject of singing.

Maestro Eduardo Tapia, in charge of the 18 students who showed the power of their voice, and in front of dozens of people they gave a pop music recital, with the purpose of strengthening their academic training, since an actor is not only limited to acting, he also sings and broadcasts to his audience.

They are actors, but they take the subject of singing and for this they have put a lot of effort, they are doing very well; Singing is a tool that they can incorporate into their stage work, into their work, it is necessary for an actor to be prepared in many disciplines, exclaimed the teacher.

In the open class, before starting with the melodies, the students performed a brief scene to later interpret songs such as “Aire soy”, “Ya llegaré”, “Ya te olvidé”, “Para empezar”, “Maracas”, “Hoy tengo ganas de ti”, “Duele el amor”, “Aquel señor”, “Rosa pastel”, and “Nena”, among others, showing their talent to obtain qualifications from the synod.

On stage, the students performed solos, duets, and even a monologue with musical themes that made the night more enjoyable.

On the eve of the next educational cycle, the Municipal School of Theater of the CMA, on Saturday, June 10th and 17th, will hold auditions to enter the Theater Workshop or the Technical Career in Theater Art.

Those interested in registering should enter the page http://culturamazatlan.com/es/educacion-artistica/ or go from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to the CMA located on Calle Carnaval S/N on Plazuela Machado in the Colonia Centro, or request information at 6699 824446 and 6699 824447 ext. 110

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