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Chamber music displayed all its charm during the end-of-course recital of students from the Workshop and the Bachelor of Music from the Municipal Center for the Arts.


With this presentation carried out in the CMA Music Hall, the students accompanied by their teachers Citlali Cisneros, Luis Ornelas, Israel Aragón, Víctor Villalobos, Mitzy Burgueño, Luis Corrales, Max Carreón, Orlando Idrovo and Max Corrales, said goodbye to the present school year.


The repertoire included pieces created for two, three or more instruments, including clarinet, violin, double bass, piano, percussion, guitar and flute.


At the opening of the program, ‘Medley you name’ was performed, in which the intervention of the quartet formed by Erick Ramos Avalos stood out; Romana Osuna Carrillo; Miguel Angel Moreno Zambrano and Ada Lizbeth Gil.


The afternoon continued with ‘Libertango’ that brought the students Lester Alfonso and David Alberto Aguilar to the stage in a guitar and flute duet that garnered applause from the audience.


‘Primer Dúo Concertante’ by J. Lefevre for two clarinets was performed by José Alfredo Bocanegra and maestro Israel Aragón, who won the acceptance of the spectators with their artistic performance.


‘Minuet’ by Italian composer and cellist Luigi Boccherini, flowed by the students Jesús Martin García; Leonardo Marcel Nieblas and José Emilio Espitia.


With a Violin and Double Bass Duo, ‘Tango Eight and Zweigelt’ was performed by the students Denelo Guzmán and Rocio Pinto.


‘Happy Together’ and ‘It’s Been a long, long time’ accompanied by the voice of the mezzo-soprano Vanessa Gama were performed with violin and piano by Karla Veytia; Fernanda Valdez and Raquel Vala.


The program closed with the presentation of the piece ‘Afroimagen’, a piece that brought together on stage the musicians: Juliana Vilchis, Miguel Lizárraga, Miguel Moreno, Francisco López, Javier Brito and maestro Max Carreón, students and teachers from the School of Music of the CMA.


The public was delighted with the recital and the students and teachers thanked the friends and family present on that special occasion.

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