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The string recital of the Municipal Center of the Arts, marked the farewell to the stage as students of Romina Osuna and Eric Ramos, who concluded their training in the Bachelor of Music, specializing in violin and said goodbye to dozens of attendees at the Music Museum.

There were four students of teachers Víctor Alonso Osuna and Víctor Villalobos, who participated in this recital whose repertoire included works of difficult interpretation created by George Telemann, Sebastian Bach, Charles Beriot and Max Bruch.

Maestro Víctor Osuna indicated that this school year was very satisfactory, since his students evolved in the mastery of the string instrument, and he wished them the best of success since they always stood out and acquired a lot of knowledge for sharing it on stage, in the classrooms, or wherever their professional life takes them.

“It they have made a great effort to come, the higher level ones are very good, they are evolving super well, (for) two of them it is their last recital as students since they graduate this school year.”

After his participation, Eric Ramos commented: “I feel calm, it is my last recital and I feel that it came out the best for me. My goal is to be a musician, an interpreter, but also teaching attracts my attention and I want to combine it. Right now I am giving classes and for the moment I will dedicate myself to this while I get auditions for an orchestra”.

Soloist Romina Osuna affirmed that from the first moment she heard the piece she performed, she loved it, and she transmitted her emotion to all the spectators. Regarding her facet as a professional, she really likes the teaching part, an opportunity that has already been presented to her and she is giving classes, so she shares her knowledge with the children.

The protagonists of the recital were the child Diego Rafael Valdez, who interpreted “Allegro Gracioso” by George Telemann, Rocio Pinto, who played “Gavotte”, by Sebastian Bach; Romina Osuna delighted with “Escenas de Ballet”, by Charles Beriot, and Erick Ramos entertained the audience with Concert #1 in G minor by Max Bruch, themes that were liked by the audience who applauded each artist.

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