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La Carpa, a meeting of performing arts, supported by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan, in its fifth edition, promoted expression workshops where virtuosos of international stature arrive at the Port to share their knowledge with the new generations, methods to exploit the talent of the new architects of the different branches of stage art.

Carlos Ramírez, Colombian actor and dancer arrived in Mazatlan with the methodology called ‘The body that creates’, an intense workshop of expression that has been taught in different countries like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala and for the first time it comes to Mexico, where it contributes to the training of actors, dancers, as well as circuses, and potential artists for the coming years.

He indicated that the methodology used to address different thematic areas, which are based on studies of the life process of the human being, and with five years of experience with this course, adding 18 years of experience as a pedagogue in performing arts, in addition to more than 20 years in his career as an actor and dancer in different European companies.

“I developed a course called ‘The body that creates’. it is more like a methodology that has been developed over the years to generate spaces and atmosphere, where people reflect on how to stimulate their potential from a sincere creative place and express through the body, that is, as well as copying forms or building ways to generate fiction for the spectator, we try to create an atmosphere, regardless of whether it is a dancer or not”, exclaimed the Colombian artist.

Ramírez said that in the workshop he teaches there is a group open to explore many places, making it a rich encounter for learning, in addition to thanking La Carpa, for the opportunity it offers, as well as the cultural enrichment between the artists and the students of the workshops.

Éste artículo fue publicado en Escuela de Teatro prensa, Prensa. .

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