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This Sunday, the prestigious Rondalla of the Educational Sector of Culiacan gave the public of the Angela Peralta Theater a bouquet of the most known and celebrated songs in the repertoire of Mexico and Latin America as part of the last concert of the Gordon Campbell  Season 2018.

True to his interest in creating educational shows, maestro Gordon Campbell gave an introduction on the artistic nature of the program and spoke to the public about this  group from Culiracan that got its name because, since its foundation more than 24 years ago, it has been made up of teachers of artistic initiation.

Composed of 13 guitars and a cello, the Rondalla of the Education Sector offered a memorable show that was not affected by the apparent language barrier because the Foreign community enjoyed and applauded all performances effusively.

In the heat of a repertoire that took love as its banner, the almost two hours of the show slipped away like water between fingers once Rondalla appeared on the stage and played “Esta tarde vi llover” by Armando Manzanero.

Without realizing it, the audience allowed themselves to be enveloped with the lyrics of true hymns to Latin American romance, among which  a potpourri of songs by Álvaro Carrillo and José Alfredo Jiménez, a block of Mexican huapangos and a tribute sung to the Peruvian composer Chabuca Granda.

Before continuing the show, Campbell sent a general invitation to the public to attend the tribute to the American Jazz musician Dave Brubeck on Thursday at 8 pm at the Angela Peralta Theater during the inauguration of the Mazatlan Jazz Fest Chilo and the anniversary concert of Esperanza Azteca Symphony Orchestra -Sinaloa, on Sunday, March 11 at 12 noon.

It was then when the Rondalla of the Educational Sector returned to flow again with its audience with the romanticism of “Bésame Mucho” by Consuelo Velázquez, to create an atmosphere full of joy in “El Son de la Loma” by Cuban Miguel Matamoros and to show its national pride in “Que Bonita es mi Tierra” by Rubén Fuentes.


Almost at the end of the program, the musicians added their peculiar style to two pieces of great icons of music born in the port: a medley of songs by the immortal Pedro Infante and the song “El Diccionario” by the also Mazatlecan Fernando Valadez.

The leader of the group Jesús Bernal Amador acknowledged the work done by Gordon Campbell as cultural promoter in the state and took a moment to honor the memory of his brother José Bernal, who died in June last year, and since then it has been the first show offered by the group.

Through an emotional medley of Mexican songs by Dominguez, Fuentes and Cervantes, the Rondalla of the Education Sector said goodbye to an audience that decided to stand up and applaud them for a long time. Without a doubt, the most memorable scene of the afternoon was listening to the American public shouting “Otra!”.

The musicians returned excitedly to put the cherry on the cake of this show with the interpretation of “Como un día de domingo” by the Brazilian Manuel Sullivan.

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