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Casa Haas was totally sold out thanks to the attendees who enjoyed A trip to Broadway, a musical adapted by Brian Camargo that became a show of talent by Mazatlan artists who showed their powerful voices.

With a selection of the most successful works of all time in the so-called mecca of musicals, hundreds of Mazatlecans witnessed this show that left a good taste in the mouth of the respectable public who applauded and asked for more songs.

The artists opened the evening with the theme Ghost of the Opera, followed by Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Love Times and I’ll Cover You, Everything Will Be Peace, It’s More Than Love, Superstar, Frow Now On, Nights of Love, Love First, Rebel Ray, We’ll Go Together.

In the second part of the program the musicians interpreted subjects of animated films of the magical world of Disney like Moana, Aladdin, Coco and The Lion King.

It was through Spring Season 2019, promoted by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan that this first-class show came to a select and knowledgeable audience.

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