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This Saturday, May 18, the Cinema will change its venue to the Municipal Center for the Arts, to screen the film “El Abrazo de la Serpiente” concluding the film cycleycle: Iberoamerica.

“The Embrace of the Serpent”; narations based on powerful images rather than words, the parallel stories of two foreign scientists and explorers, who traveled the rivers and jungles of the Amazon region with the help of their inhabitants, with the intention of revealing their mysteries to the world and of approaching their culture and its practices of healing and shamanism, based on the use of hallucinogenic substances, derived from the plants of the region.

This 2015 film by Colombian director Ciro Guerra, is close to the trilogy which started with “La Sombra del Caminante” (2004) and with “Los Viajes del Viento” (2009), which constitute a sequence of films focused on the journey as a day of personal transformation; and that for his great beauty and direction he won the Art Cinema Award in Cannes, being nominated for the Oscar as best foreign film and winner of the Ariel for best Ibero-American film.

The function will take place at 6:00 p.m., admission is free with limited space.

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