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Complying with what was outlined at the beginning of the year in the Cinematographic Appreciation Workshop offered by the Municipal Arts Center, the fourth module consisting of Production and Direction will be held on June 1, 2, 8 and 9, havingthe prestigious Sinaloa filmmaker Alejandro Guzmán Álvarez as its teacher.

Julio Recinos, coordinator of the Cinematographic Appreciation Workshop, indicated that there will be two intense weeks for the 25 students who are in force in this academic training and that it gives the opportunity to add more interested, with a limit of up to 30 people.

For the first time in the history of the Cinematographic Appreciation Workshop, there were world-class teachers to train the students in an integral way. In addition, it was made up of five modules, pending the subject of Editing.

Those interested in learning from one of the Sinaloa filmmakers who has been at the top festivals in the world, must pay an enrollment to the CMA, as well as the cost of 400 pesos per module. Students who have already taken at least one of the previous modules and who want to add only have to cover the quota for the next phase of the workshop.

Recinos indicated that Guzmán Álvarez is perhaps the most outstanding student that has been taught in Cinematographic Appreciation Workshops, which after continuing with his training and career, returns to share his knowledge with the new generations.

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