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Mazatlan writer, Maestro Jesus Antonio Reyes del Angel, will present his fifth book which he named “Thoughts and Reflections on Martial Arts Matters” this May 9, at 7:00 pm at the Casa Haas facilities, a work that compiles more of 10 years of knowledge in sports.

Unlike its four previous books, this is presented as a story starring a martial artist, where all the experiences within the dojo, tatami, and outside of them, are life lessons, fourteen core issues are included that will make you reflect and rethink the approach to practice in current times of any discipline.

For the writer, this book has a special feeling because it uses a different scheme than is accustomed to by his audience, confident that it will be liked by readers and specialized critics.

The previous creations of Reyes del Ángel are Philosophy and History of Martial Arts (2015), Oriental Philosophies that Influenced Martial Arts (2016), The Matting Taoism of Martial Arts (2017) and The Influential Buddhism of Martial Arts ( 2018), all published by Editorial MooShim.

The reading is suggested for an audience of ten years or older, with or without experience in the subject of martial arts.

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