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Different percussion instruments resonated in the Museum of Music at the hands of three students of the Bachelor of Music of the Municipal Center of the Arts, in this specialty, during the presentation of their final exam, to conclude one more year of education.

Miguel Lizárraga Alduenda, student in his four semester, Gabriela Rosas and Juliana Vilchis both students in their second semester, managed to gather perfection, dynamism and delivery in each of their presentations, making the feelings of admiration among the audience vibrate.

With pieces like Frogs by Keiko Abe, Rotation #2 by Eric Sammut, and Perfidia by Alfredo Domínguez, among others, the artists made it obvious, the quality of teaching that happens in the classrooms and with the teachers of this specialty,  Max Carreón and Ernesto Duchesne.

The School of Music of the CMA keeps its doors open with different workshops, with a technical career and bachelors for all ages, for more information, interested parties can call 9824446 ext 106.

Éste artículo fue publicado en Press, Superior School of Music of Mazatlán Press. .

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