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Showing the great talent and passion that surrounds Mazatlecans in art, six students of the Technical Career in Music and Singing of the Municipal Center of the Arts presented their end-of-course recital, which concluded three years of great effort and learning within the classrooms of this prestigious institution.

Rebeca Josefina Trujillo, Kateryn Itzay Pérez, Erick Ramos Ávalos, Ximena Ramírez, Miguel Ángel Moreno Zambrano and Javier Brito Arce, were the proud graduates who with instruments like violin, oboe and percussion made the audience present at the Casa Haas campus fall in love.

Pieces like “Concert No. 3” by Mozart, “Sonata for Oboe” by Camile Saint Saens, “Brazilian Popular Suite” by Ney Rosauro, and “A Cricket Sang and Set the Sun” by the artist Blake Tyson, among others, were part of the repertoire that was directed by the pianists José Miguel Rivera Gómez, Raziel Pineda Alcántar and Sergio Castellanos.

The recital became a great celebration of art through music, a moment of union between the artist and his instrument, celebrated with pride by the teachers and relatives who witnessed the journey made by these young people who today embark on a new adventure.

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